Refund Policy

You may request a refund for any purchase made on, for any reason: You made a purchase in error; you want to try at least one lottery but want your purchase to be refunded; you have not read the product description correctly …

Whatever the reason, you can request that your purchase be refunded within 24 hours of your order if the purchased products have not been used. More information below:

Eligibility for Refund

The Refund Offer is valid for 24 hours for products that have been purchased on Here is an overview of how the refund works for any other type of purchase.

Refund for Promotions

Any Promo product purchased on is refundable for 24 hours after your purchase if it has not been used and is in your inventory.

Purchases made outside of does not offer a refund for products purchased elsewhere than (such as Codes of Use purchased from third parties for example).

Refund of Consoles Games as an Account

You can request the refund of your PS4 Games or Xbox One after an error (Purchase by mistake) only if it was not to you was delivered within 24 hours of your purchase.

All requests for refunds concerning the digital character of the Game Consoles (Xbox One and PS4) will not be taken into account, the information concerning this product is put forward on the card of the latter.

Refund of management fees

We do not offer refunds on management fees, these being made up of the transaction fees as well as the VAT (Distributed in your country of residence), all request of refund will be the subject of a deduction of 0.15 € TTC per transaction.

Gift Refund

We do not offer refunds for gifts that have already been used by the recipient.


Our refund policy is designed to enhance your experience on and is not a means of free games. If we believe you are abusing refunds, this option will no longer be available. Claiming a refund for a game just before it is on sale and then buying it at its new reduced price is not considered abuse.

How to request a refund

You can request a refund by creating a ticket for Customer Service -> Refund Department.

The refund will be made and the money transferred to your Portfolio 48 hours after your application has been approved.