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GOD OF WAR Pre-loaded Account (PS4)

Platform Playstation
Type Account

Price 25.53 EUR
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Release date



Adventure Action


French, English


This product is an ACCOUNT pre-loaded with the game. You will be provided with an email address and password to log into, to download the game.

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GOD OF WAR Pre-loaded Account (PS4) GOD OF WAR Pre-loaded Account (PS4) GOD OF WAR Pre-loaded Account (PS4) GOD OF WAR Pre-loaded Account (PS4)


The new release, the fourth, of the legendary saga God of War is scheduled to be launched on April 20,2018 and promises to be the most spectacular delivery of the franchise, both graphically and in gameplay. Exclusively for PS4, God of War will place us in a new beginning of the saga, with an older Kratos and a son in charge.

The gameplay of this new release of God of War also changes completely, as Kratos now possesses not his old weapons but an axe, called Leviathan, and a shield. With his new weapon, Kratos will be able to freeze his enemies to give them the final blow and tear them apart into a thousand pieces, as well as throw it at will. Our son Atreus, who will accompany us in our adventures, will be able to evolve and acquire abilities and powers that will be of great use to us.